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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

DIY Tutorial – Paper Rosette Halloween Banner

I have seen lovely paper rosettes in several parties recently and knew that I wanted to incorporate them into one of my dessert tables.  Using supplies that I already had at home, I was able to create a fun and budget-friendly Halloween banner made from these paper rosettes.  Here’s how:

- (14) sheets white 8 ½ x 11 office paper (you can use scrapbook paper to add more color, but scrapbook paper can be expensive and I already had boxes of white office paper on hand)
- Glue Gun
- (7) Patterned Cupcake Liners - I used (3) black/white polkadot liners and (4) black/white damask liners
- (7) 2½-Inch Paper Circles - I used (3) orange circles and (4) black circles and my Martha Stewart Circle Cutter to cut circles out of scrapbook paper
- (7) 2-Inch Paper Circles - I used my 2-Inch Craft Punch to punch out the party tags from my new Halloween Party Printable Collection
- Hole Puncher
- Ribbon


1.   Start by making the paper rosettes.  Take one sheet of 8 ½ x 11 paper and fold your paper back and forth, making accordion folds.

2.  Take folded paper and bend in half.

3.  Repeat with another sheet of paper.

4.  Glue together the inside edges of each piece.

5.  You now have two pieces of paper that look like fans.  Glue the outside edges of each fan together to make a circle.  You now have one paper rosette.  Put aside.

6.  Take a cupcake liner and put upside down and flatten to make a flat circle.

7.  To keep it laying flat, snip a small hole in the center and make a fold so that the cupcake liner doesn’t pucker up.

8.  Glue a 2½-Inch paper circle onto the center of the flattened cupcake liner.

9.  Glue a 2-Inch Paper circle on top of that.  I used the 2-Inch party tags from my Halloween Party Printable Collection you can purchase HERE, but you can use any paper that has an interesting Halloween image or pattern.

10.  Once the glue dries, take your “cupcake liner centerpiece” and glue it onto the paper rosette you put aside.

11.  Punch a hole in the top center of the paper rosette where you will be stringing your ribbon through.

12.  Repeat steps 1-11 until you have completed 7 paper rosettes with a Halloween-themed center.

13.  Take your ribbon and string through the 7 paper rosettes.  I used 7 feet of this ribbon since I was going to hang the banner on a 6-foot banquet table, so measure the length according to where you will hang your banner.  


This is really a simple and budget-friendly craft and makes for a great Halloween decoration!  I hope you give it a try!  Have fun creating!  Check out the full Halloween Party tablescape HERE!

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