Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We decided to carve four three pumpkins last night.  Brody and Skylar were all excited to help and participate.  Here are some BEFORE pictures:

When Skylar saw the insides of the pumpkin, she put two hands over her eyes and ran to hide behind the couch, here she is watching us carve from afar...

Here is Brody hard at work, he was a dedicated pumpkin cleaner and template maker...

After a few minutes of watching from the couch and eating some Halloween snacks, Skylar was brave enough to come close to help with the last pumpkin.  She was no longer afraid!

So we had planned to carve four pumpkins, but we ended up with three great pumpkins.  What do you think of our creations?

I hope you have a fun and safe Halloween!!

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