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Monday, July 30, 2012

Sweet Customers - Zak's Graduation Party

I am so excited to share this party with you today!  One of my sweet customers, Sara, sent me some photos of the graduation party she threw for her son Zak and his fellow classmates who were all graduating from kindergarten.  I was completely blown away by her beautiful work!  What amazes me even more is that Sara volunteered to have the party at her house at the last minute due to a bad weather forecast.  I am so thrilled that she used the Graduation Party Collection from Sweet Metel Moments!

I love every detail of Zak's party!  While this is a graduation party, there are a lot of elements that can be used for any celebration!  Some of my favorite details include the cute mason jars personalized with each childs' names, the adorable jelly bean candy tubes as favors, the dessert table backdrop with the paper rosettes and sunshine images, and the beautifully framed sun"SHINE" with each child's name as a ray.  She also wrapped large Smarties candies inside paper to look like diplomas.  And I LOVE the photo shoot with photo props.  Everybody looked like they had a great time!  Sara's photos really made me smile, and I hope they make you smile too!  Check them out!

Here is the graduate, Zak!  Congratulations to Zak and friends!

Thank you to Sara for sharing this awesome party!  She did a wonderful job!

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  1. Such a sunny, upbeat occasion! Inspired by your cheery collection. :-)