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Monday, February 11, 2013

DIY Tutorial - Picture Frame Floral Centerpieces

As I mentioned in a prior post, we recently threw Skylar a fairy party to celebrate her birthday.  To make the table personalized and pretty at the same time, I created some floral centerpieces with photos of Skylar.  These centerpieces are "semi-homemade" in that most of the items were not made from scratch, but I just combined a few items purchased from a craft store to add that special customization for Skylar's party.

If you would like to make some for your next celebration, here's what you need...


-Small floral arrangement in pot (I bought mine from Michaels and they are everywhere now since they are setting up for spring/Easter season)
-Small picture frame (I bought mine from Michaels dollar bins)
-6-inch lollipop sticks
-Glue Gun
-Screwdriver or Drill

1.  Take your small picture frame (mine were approximately 2.5" in size) and use the glue gun to attach a 6-inch lollipop stick to the back of the frame.  Make sure to glue the stick somewhere that won't permanently shut the photo door (so you can replace/update the picture whenever you want to).

2.  Let the glue dry so that the stick is strongly attached to the frame.  When you feel that it is sturdy, take your ribbon and make a bow and tie around the stick so it looks like this:

3.  Take a screwdriver to make a small hole at the top/center of your floral arrangement.  Depending on how it's made, you might need something stronger to puncture a hole (I ended up getting my hubby to use his drill!).  Make sure to make a hole small enough only for the stick to fit through, you don't want the stick to fall in!

4.  Once the hole is made, take your photo frame on a stick and stick it through the hole.

And now you have created a beautiful and personal centerpiece for your table!  They would also be great for Easter lunch or Mother's Day brunch or any fun celebration.  These centerpieces looked great at Skylar's birthday party, here's how they looked...

More details on Skylar's Fairy Party coming soon...

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