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Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

 Happy Earth Day!

I fell in love with these adorable cupcakes found on Bird on a Cake blog.  Just click on the photo source link to view the full tutorial on creating these cupcakes yourself.

I also wanted to post some ideas from a "Love the Earth" report card that my son, Brody received as a classroom assignment.  By checking off the items he did on his own, Brody was able to see that even the smallest actions he made helps the Earth.

To save on gasoline:
- Walk instead of riding in a car
- Ride a bike instead of riding in a car
- Carpool

To save water:
- Brush teeth quickly and use less water
- Collect unused water for plants
- Reuse pajamas at least one more time to save water for laundry

To save electricity:
- Turn off lights when not in room
- Watch less TV
- Open and close refrigerator quickly

- Newspaper, cans, and glass bottles
- Use both sides of paper
- Give away unwanted clothing

- Use a glass instead of paper cup
- Use a reusable plastic container for lunch instead of sandwich bags
- Use a washcloth instead of paper towels

Respect the Earth:
- Pick up litter
- Plant a flower
- Feed the birds

When it comes to taking care of our planet, every bit counts! 

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