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Monday, September 9, 2013

Flavored Ice Cubes

It is almost fall!  But here in Florida, it is still really hot!  The other day we decided to make it a family activity to wash our cars.  The kids were having fun with the hose, but I can see their little faces getting red and sweaty...

Here's Brody playing with the hose (and yes, above is a rare picture of my husband with the kids.  He is not a fan of getting his picture taken, so I figured I would use his photo since I got him to smile in this shot!)

And here's Skylar showing me one of her beautiful smiles while working hard...

So just for fun, I wanted to make their ice waters extra special.  I know flavored ice isn't something new or extremely creative, but sometimes it's the little touches that can make our kids smile.  And I will do anything to make Brody and Skylar smile!

All you need is some juice (I actually used some fruit juice that the kids didn't like so much and some pink lemonade to add another color).  My hubby later recommended using snow cone syrup, we will have to try that another time!

Just fill your ice cube tray with the liquid (I used my super cute heart-shaped ice cube tray).

And after a few hours, you get some colorful and flavorful ice cubes!

Add some water and enjoy your refreshing beverage! 

Here are the kiddos enjoying their ice, cold drinks!


  1. You are a gifted and creative writer and great mom!

    1. Thank you so much Mrs. Seddon!! That is such a wonderful compliment coming from a great mom and creative writer like yourself!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Nicole!! It was fun to make and the kids enjoyed it! Thanks for visiting Sweet Metel Moments! I love Bellenza Party Suite!