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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Halloween Favors - Lollipop Ghosts

It is officially Fall, which in my household means that Halloween is just around the corner!  My hubby has kindly taken down our tubs of Halloween decorations from the attic and I just need to decide where everything goes.  Decorating for Halloween is one of my favorite things to do!

Last year for Halloween, I made little lollipop ghosts for Brody to bring to his class party.  These are super simple to make (and inexpensive!).  And of course I had to add a little personal touch by making little tags with Brody's name on them.  If you would like to make some for your child's classmates or friends, here's what you need!


Custom Tags [optional, you can make your own or printable can be purchased HERE]
Little hole puncher (to make a hole in your tag)

- Lay your napkin in front of you in a diamond position and put the lollipop in the center.  I like to use the thicker quality napkins so that the ghosts aren't see-through.

- Wrap the napkin all the way around the lollipop and use the ribbon to wrap the napkin tightly.

- If you are using a little tag, now would be the time to attach it to the ribbon (punch a little hole in the corner to get the ribbon through it).

- Make a bow with your ribbon or just double tie to make sure the ribbon doesn't come undone.  And then make your ghost's face!  I just added eyes, but if you're feeling creative, you can make a silly or scary face!

And there you go!  You just made a cute lollipop ghost! 

I put all of them together and stuck them in a styrofoam block and put in a container for Brody to share with his classmates.


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  1. What a lovely idea! I think we can also use this for Christmas, by making the ghosts look like 'tissue angels' instead. :)

    1. Thanks Nicole! I love Bellenza Party Suite! I would love to see tissue angel lollipops! What a great idea! Thanks for stopping by!