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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Brody's Minecraft Party & Free Printable Crafting a Cake Scavenger Hunt Kit (Part 2)

Last week I showed you a few details from Brody's Minecraft Party, including the free printable food labels I created for his dessert table. (If you missed that post and your free printables, go check it out HERE!)   Today, I want to share with you the details for the fun scavenger hunt we did during his party.  At the end of this post, you can download the Crafting a Cake Scavenger Hunt Kit for your own personal use!

This scavenger hunt was inspired by the activity I found from this adorable Minecraft Party.  For those of you who follow the game of Minecraft, whenever you need to "craft" a cake for food supply, you have to collect 3 milks, 2 sugars, 1 egg, and 3 wheats.  For our scavenger hunt, our guests needed to earn or find those same amount of ingredient cards before it was time to eat our cupcakes at the party.  Since the party was at a campsite, we had plenty of space to run around!

I found cute green baskets from Dollar Tree and bought one for each of the families that were coming.  I made a custom label for each family's basket and filled them with tools they would need to accomplish a list of tasks.  (You can purchase custom labels for your party in my Etsy Shop under "Pixel World Party".  Please note that the purchased files do not contain any Minecraft character images.)  

Below you can see the tools and supplies the families would use to finish the scavenger hunt (melon candies and red licorice were to be used as needed, or for some families, eaten immediately).

Along with their tools, I included an instruction sheet.  Here's what they had to do:

Activity #1: Crossing the Lava

I got this great idea for a lava obstacle course from this party.  Since I was too lazy to make a cool lava field, I bought a red table runner from Dollar Tree to use as our lava and used big rocks so that it wouldn't fly away or get tripped on. I made paper stone cutouts (part of the printable kit) and had them beside the lava for people to use and step on to cross to the other side, where I had a little treasure box containing 1 milk card.

Activity #2: Family Photo

For the second activity, every family had to make one person wear a cow headband and then text me their photo (I gave everyone my phone number before I sent them all off!)  Once they complete the task they collected 1 milk card.

What I love about this activity is that by the end of the party, I was guaranteed to have a family photo of all of my guests!  Here are some of the photos, don't they all look so cute?

Activity #3: Find a Cow

For the third activity,  I hid a mini-stuffed cow in a sandwich bag along with milk cards somewhere around our campsite.  Once they found the cow, the family can collect 1 milk card.

Activity #4: Shoot the Enemies

For this next activity, I got the idea from HERE to make targets and shoot Minecraft monsters!  The four monster heads are part of the printable kit.  Each family had to shoot four enemies using three Nerf bullets that were in their basket.  Once they shot all four targets, they can collect 1 sugar card.

Activity #5: Mine For Diamonds

For this activity I filled a pot full of sand and various shiny, colorful stones, aka diamonds (I used pretty-colored big rocks from our old fishtank).  When the family found 10 "diamonds" they could collect 1 sugar card from the treasure box I put beside the pot.

Activity #6: Egg Hunt

For this activity, I found a location near our campsite that had tall grass.  I filled plastic Easter eggs with 1 egg card each and scattered them around the field.  Once each family found one plastic Easter egg with 1 egg card inside, then this activity was completed.

The only remaining ingredients were 3 wheat cards.  For those cards, I had given instructions to the families before the hunt began on three different locations where they could find the wheat cards.  So depending on where your party is, you can customize the clues to locations perfect for your party!

Once each family found all of the 9 ingredient cards, then it was time for birthday cake (or in this case, cupcakes!)  Everyone had a great time!

Let me know what you think of this activity!  You can download the free printable kit with instructions HERE or click on the image below.  Have fun!

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  1. This specific scavenger hunt has been encouraged through the pastime I came across because of this lovely Minecraft Party. For anybody who follow the experience of minecraft forge Minecraft, every time you'll want to create a new wedding cake regarding meals supply, you have to accumulate 3 milks, two carbs, 1 ovum, along with 3 wheats. For the scavenger hunt, the guests needed to earn or even find those people same volume of compound playing cards ahead of it turned out time and energy to try to eat the cupcakes in the party.