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Friday, September 4, 2015

Fashion Friday - Fun in Flannel

So I wouldn't consider myself a fashionista, but I do enjoy picking out clothes and matching with my little girl from time to time, or coordinating family outfits when it's time for a family photo.  The kids know that on every vacation, there is guaranteed to be at least one day when we will have a family photo session (definitely their least favorite part of the trip!).  

So I thought it would be fun to have a day on my blog when I can share some fun Mommy & Me and family photo day outfits, and other fun fashion finds.  

This past summer, my family and I were blessed to have an opportunity to travel to England for three weeks!  I knew I had to pack extra outfits since we were going somewhere we'd never been, and we would be taking lots of pictures, which meant lots of possible family photo sessions!!  While I knew the whole family wouldn't be matching everyday for three weeks, I knew that I wanted Skylar and I to at least have several matching outfits.  I became obsessed looking for cute outfit ideas on Pinterest, and figuring out ways to use pieces we already owned and just adding cute accessories to coordinate with each other.  So I found a few things and wanted to share them with you!

The outfit we decided on during this nice, cool day in beautiful England included plaid and flannel. Although it was summertime in England, the weather was pretty cool.  

Here's a shot of me and Skylar trying to pose.  My little girl definitely does not mind getting her picture taken.

Along with our plaid flannel shirts, I wore gray skinny jeans while Skylar wore dark jeggings.  One of my favorite things I purchased for the trip were our boots!  We wore those almost every day on our trip!

What I love about flannel is that even the boys don't mind wearing it!

Oh yeah, that is Stonehenge behind us.  That is not a backdrop, or a green screen, we were actually there!!  At first we were not going to come by because we thought it was too pricey and not worth the visit (every British person we knew that lived there would say, "It's just a bunch of rocks".)

But boy oh boy, we were glad to go!  It is truly a site to see, and there is also a nice visitor center where you can learn about how Stonehenge was built, the people who built it, and other interesting facts.  I think it is a total must-do.  We were staying in Bath, England, which was about an hour and a half from this beautiful site.

Here we are having some fun with more poses...

And look, we even got a couple's photo without our heads cut off!

You can get the looks here:

Iris: top {similar}, boots {similar}
Skylar: top {similar} boots {similar}
Chris: top {similar}
Brody: top {similar}

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