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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Free Printable - First Day of School Photos 2015

School is now in session and the kids have already been in school for a week and a half!  Hard to believe how quickly the summer has gone by and we are now getting ready for fall!

It is also hard to believe how quickly my kids have been growing up!  Brody is now a fourth grader and Skylar is a first grader!  Where did the time go?  When preparing this blog post, I couldn't help but reminisce on the past few "First Day of School Moments".  It is making me sad just looking through them and seeing how little they were!

This first photo is Brody's first day of Preschool. He was not very happy to go.  I remember having to leave him at school crying!  I was so sad!

As they got older, first day of school got a little easier.  And thankfully Skylar absolutely LOVES school.  So if she has a happy face on, big brother will too.

I know most of you enjoy capturing those special first days of school.  So I made a free printable that you can print so your little one can capture the special day with a photo.  These printables go from Pre-K through 12th grade so you can print out whichever page you need!  I will update the year every year, so make sure to come back and visit my blog next year to print the updated sheets!

Just click on the link below or download the printable HERE.
And then print whichever page you like on white heavy cardstock paper.  I like to buy my cardstock HERE. These signs are sized 8x10, so you can cut out and put in a picture frame when you take the photo.

Hope everyone has a wonderful school year!

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