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Friday, July 8, 2016

Fashion Friday - Souvenir Tees

We are in the middle of summer vacation and feel so blessed to currently be spending our time in England right now.  We are in the lovely city of Bath, in the west country of England, near the border of Wales.  We actually spent a lovely day in Cardiff, Wales and fell in love with Wales and the beautiful castles of the country.  I knew that I wanted to buy a souvenir tee with the Welsh flag because how cool is it to have a national flag with a dragon on it!!?!

We enjoyed souvenir shopping and supporting the small, local shops (our usual purchases are stuffed animals selected by Brody and Skylar, and a Christmas ornament to hang on our Christmas tree identifying the wonderful places and cities we visit). The Welsh shirts were a bit pricey so we left Wales with just stuffed animals and an ornament.

However, right next door to our hotel in Bath, we have Primark. If you are not familiar with Primark, it is a European department store with very affordable apparel, shoes, accessories, and even home goods and snacks.  If you are on a budget, it is a great spot to purchase any items that you may have forgotten from home, and also a great spot to find souvenir tees from the local country you are visiting.  It is also my husband's favorite store to purchase skinny jeans! 

Just our luck, we found these cool tees in the boys department on sale for £1 each!  

Yes, £1!

I love that it even says "Cymru" which is "Wales" in Welsh.  Thankfully I was able to fit into the largest boy size which was 12-13 years old, and they also had sizes to fit Brody and Skylar.  Since it happened to be during the semi-finals of the Euro Cup, we wore our shirts proudly when Wales played Portugal earlier this week.  Unfortunately, Wales lost, but it was a fun match to watch at our hotel lobby with other hotel guests.

So next time you are in Europe and happen to be near a Primark, don't forget to check their t-shirt section where you might find a cheap souvenir!  Skylar and I paired our tees with basic black leggings and boots while Brody wore his jeans and sneakers.  My hubby also wore a different Wales shirt, so it was fun to match as a family.

 Do you have any other fun souvenir shopping tips or cool stores you recommend in other places?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

Have a lovely day!

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