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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Big Boy Brody

Brody's First Day of School
I can't believe that my little boy is in preschool already.  The first day was a little rough (a little bit of screaming, "Don't leave me Mommy" and "I don't want to stay in school").  But now that we are in the second week of school I actually hear, "I love school, Mommy".  What a big difference a week can make.  

Since Brody did such a good job at school, he received a special present.  Brody absolutely loves riding his bike.  He has been without training wheels since he was 3 years old and that bike was falling apart since he used it so often (he's even been able to ride 7 miles on a bike trail once)!  So this week he got his big boy present and he loves it!  I'm so proud of my Brody!


  1. This is soo cute Iris!!You are soo creative!! I feel like having a party just so I can hire you to work your magic!! LOL!! My babies are so adorable.. love you guys

  2. I can not believe this is Brody! He is sooooo big and grown up! Thanks for inviting us to the party. It was great fun and everything was so delicious. We honored to be included in the `ohana.